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Learn Mode (32:41)
Flow Mode (28:48)

Here’s what to expect… 

  • warm up: this seated warm up will open the shoulders, fire the abs, stretch the hamstrings and loosen the spine. reminder: you can use your hands to support rolling down and up and the knees can stay bent in the scissor kicks!
  • leg series: we’re practicing the transition from plank to lunge. this is a tough move for many, but repetition will improve ability, so don’t shy away from the struggle! 
  • *lunge series: pay close attention to the cues in learn mode. we’re going to give key pointers for staying out of the lower back and creating length in the hamstring. 
  • oblique series: this series will challenge your transition skills as you move from standing to side planking. the chair does wonders here especially if you want to focus more on form and less on big transitions. 
  • *bridge: arms, arms, arms.
  • repeat for the other side, I can do it, stretch, let the belly hang, kiss those shoulders! 

*indicates series where 2/3 lb weights can be used.