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Demo Routine (31:47)

Here's what to expect...

  • warm up: excellent way to warm up the spine and increase back strength and flexibility. if laying on your stomach isn’t an option, be sure to follow along with our demo, Jen!
  • obliques: upward facing abs + side plank practice! remember, side planks can be done in a multitude of ways - pick the one that works best for your body. 
  • leg: this series will help open the hips and spine (the warm up preps you for this!)
  • *lunge: another shot at practicing a your warriors! quick note, when you circle the arms do NOT lift the chest - otherwise you’ll feel it in your lower back instead of getting the shoulder flexibility this series offers! (also this lunge series is ADORABLE & FUN) 
  • bridge: *standing abs, planking abs, *seated abs. OH MY! :) 
  • repeat, finale, shoulder kisses, you did it! 

*indicates series where 2lb / 3lb weights can be used