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ready or not

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Learn Mode (31:52)
Flow Mode (29:01)

Here’s what to expect…

  • warm up: this warm up is simple and straightforward to give you the opportunity to focus on the breath. you’ll find deep, solid, steady breathing which should help you ground and center.
  • *leg series: this series is a blast! once you get the hang of it, the flow is SO FUN. we are practicing wide squats, curtsey lunges, and choreography!
  • lunge series: challenge time! this one is tough but powerful. we have deep stretching, hip mobility, and core stabilization work. remember: stabilization always trumps range of motion - meaning get steady before trying to move big!
  • oblique series: not only are we working the abs and obliques, this one offers some sneaky cardio! we’ll be moving between planking and seated abdominal work. if the transitions feel like too much, you have the option to stay in each position for longer.
  • bridge: our bridge nods to traditional pilates mat work. you’ll have the opportunity to understand the form in learn mode and then explore the sensation in flow mode.
  • extra shoulder kisses to you and you and you.

*indicates series where 2/3 lb weights can be used. 1 lb wrist weights can be used throughout the entire routine!