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Demo Routine (30:42)

Here's what to expect...

  • warm up: steady, controlled and stretchy. focus on warming up the spine while keeping the neck nice and loose. also, this is EXCELLENT stability practice. 
  • oblique: we’ll be working on lateral extension and isometric holding for the oblique. this means the side of your waist and a variety of side planking positions!
  • *leg: if it doesn’t click in round one, give it another session or two. patience and compassion!
  • *lunge: the lunge will incorporate hip opening, side stretching, balance and of course, strength. 
  • *bridge: heart rate will be lifted and you’re about to learn a be.come burpee so here. we. go. 
  • repeat, finish strong, stretch, shoulder kisses

*indicates series where 2lb / 3lb weights can be used