now or never (demo)

now or never (demo)

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Demo Routine (29:54)

Here's what to expect...

  • warm up: simple and effective. focus on breathing as you wake up your spine and connect with your center.
  • lunge series: there are three parts to this one. after each minute, we’ll add on another move.
  • leg series: outer thigh gets some action here, followed by low lunge finish that is gonna knock your tush right out.
  • oblique series: torso twisting + planking.
  • bridge: it’s simple but a favorite. crank up the music and clap to the beat.
  • repeat. finale. stretch.
  • kiss those shoulders.
  • smile.

**ps. this routine was originally titled “gay girls” for reasons that are too long to explain, but some of you will remember it by that name!**