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Demo Routine (31:18)

Here's what to expect...

  • warm up: loosen the neck, stretch out the legs and warm up the spine. perfect way to start your routine!
  • leg series: VERY IMPORTANT! do NOT kick your back leg up too high, otherwise you’ll feel it in your lower back. when the back leg extends, hinge the chest slightly forward so the spine stay nice and long. 
  • *lunge series: we're challenging your flexibility this week. this series provides active / dynamic stretching which is one of the fastest ways to increase flexibility!
  • oblique series: lateral extension meets isometric twisted planks. this combo of oblique motions is quite effective!
  • *bridge: whatever gunk you need to get out, get it out in these three minutes. 
  • repeat, finale, stretch, shoulder kisses!

*indicates series where 2lb / 3lb weights can be used