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Demo Routine (32:13)

Here's what to expect...
  • warm up: this one will warm up the obliques, spine, abdominals, and open the hips. remember, it’s a warm up. ease into it and give yourself permission to adjust the body to what feels GOOD.
  • leg series: this leg series is actually excellent practice for downward dogs. focus on getting your chest toward your thighs, and do not focus on trying to straighten your legs. expect to feel heat in the quadriceps!
  • lunge series: balance baby. this series was designed with a purposeful extra four count to give you more time to finder your center,  just stand, and balance.  
  • oblique series: OOOOWWEEEEE! this one isn’t easy but damn it’s good. this is where a little extra “fight” and “I can do it” will come in handy!
  • *bridge: these arms. are. filthy. good. 
  • repeat, finale, stretch and the best part…shoulder kisses. 

*the only series that could incorporate weights is the bridge. only attempt them in the bridge if you can keep the neck relaxed!