I walk the line

I walk the line

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Here's what to expect...

  • warm up: we are quite literally walking the line with tall, proud posture. this warm up will teach you how to do a toe-to-heel step which kind of makes you feel like you are floating! when we get to the floor portion, there’s an option to take the knees to ease this transition. 
  • *right lunge: love all the weight transfers and how much the movements connect to the music. once you get the hang of it, this one should make you feel powerful!
  • right leg: we’re focusing on the glute this week…that area right under the apple of the tush where the glute and hamstring connect. strengthening this area helps to relieve back pain, knee pain and more! also snuck in a hamstring stretch to create effective balance.
  • oblique series: we are keeping it simple and effective. seated abdominal work meets laying abdominal work. reminder, there are SO MANY different variations you can do here — utilize them! 
  • *bridge: we MARCH! (or prance, users choice) 
  • repeat it. finish it. stretch it. kiss kiss shoulders!

*indicates series where 2/3 lb weights can be used.