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Demo Routine (31:00) 

Here's what to expect... 
  • warm up: this warm up has a “shake it off” kind of feel, meant to take you out of a yucky place. 
  • oblique: give yourself a session or two to catch the counts, if it doesn’t happen right away, don’t beat yourself up! this routine was taught to a variety of levels at the be.come retreat and everyone progressed at their own pace. Give yourself the space to do the same!
  • lunge: slow and slinky. you are moving on several different planes so this is sure to wake up the brain. 
  • leg: it may be helpful to put your hands on blocks when lifting on and off the floor - reminder the chair is always there for you!
  • *bridge: well if this doesn’t make you smile, check your pulse. bye bye bye baby!
  • repeat. stretch. kiss shoulders. kick ass. 

*indicates series where 2/3 lb weights can be used