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dream machine

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Here’s what to expect…
  • warm up: this standing warm up is sure to stretch the body in all different directions. it will prepare you for the oblique series and help open up the inner thighs
  • *posture + balance series: we are alternating balancing on left and right legs every other eight count in this series. the static holds are when we will focus on posture with a simple position that helps crack the heart open!
  • *oblique series: we’ll be combining our lateral extension work with a half side plank position. this move is great for stabilization practice and if you choose to add a weight, you may get a surprise tricep workout! option to step into any plank you want!
  • lunge series: it’s time for lateral lunge practice. the best suggestion we have for this move is to keep the range of motion small and the hip, knee and shoulder aligned
  • bridge: this is a very fun arm + plank series. get into it!
  • shoulder kisses forever!

*indicates series where 2/3 lb weights can be used.

Bethany filmed this routine at 28 weeks pregnant.