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Here’s what to expect…
  • warm up: this seemingly simple warm up focuses on breath and repetitive movement. it should help calm the nerves, center the body and deliver a grounding effect.
  • *oblique series: we’ll start with a standing lateral series and then move to a planking series. this one not only works the oblique but also core stabilization and arms as a unique surprise!
  • *lunge series: our lunge will challenge your balance and speed. if you are feeling off center, try holding onto a wall or chair. the more you practice this one, the better it gets!
  • *leg series: hello booty! we’ll be working explosive movements through single leg bridging work. grab an object to help you connect your hands with something tangible - this can help strengthen the pelvic floor!
  • *bridge: this is a great arm series with the option to use weights or let the arms work solo.
  • shoulder kisses!

*indicates series where 2/3 lb weights can be used.

Bethany filmed this routine at 20 weeks pregnant.