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Demo Routine (33:43)

Here's what to expect...

  • warm up: it's designed to prep the hips, spine and core for the rest of the routine. if it doesn’t come smooth at first, don’t stress. focus on the music more than the counts and it will start to flow.
  • leg: don’t be afraid to take a moment to watch the moves first, there are TWO different variations you can do here!
  • lunge: this one is going to get your heart rate up. please please be gentle on your lower back - the tip forward is incredibly small.
  • oblique: time to find that side waist!
  • bridge: the theme of twisting continues as we move through this simple yet powerful sequence.
  • repeat, repeat!
  • finish strong.
  • enjoy the stretch.
  • say thank you to your body with a shoulder kiss!