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Here’s what to expect…

  • warm up: this standing series is designed to stretch your hamstrings, arms and spine while also firing up your legs! please note, you do NOT have to bring your hands all the way to the floor. if you feel a tugging in your lower back, it’s a sign to make your range of motion smaller.
  • lunge + oblique: this series will move you seamlessly between working the leg (lunge) and the oblique (twisted plank)! if you aren’t a fan of “up and down” transitions, try moving to a chair!
  • oblique: we are moving between a seated position and a side plank position. 
  • *leg: we are throwing it back to some old school Joseph Pilates techniques with standing work! SMALLER IS BETTER!!!
  • *bridge: the perfect-pump-up series to release anything being stored internally - let. it. go.
  • shoulder kisses all around!

*indicates series where 2/3 lb weights can be used.