words we wish for

In our new series, words we wish for, we will be posing questions to the community in order to gain perspectives from individuals from all walks of life. In our first installment, we posed the question, “I wish someone told me _______ when I gained weight” and here are some of the responses.

I wish someone told me…

+ I am still beautiful and worthy. I am not a disappointment

+ To focus on all the ways I’m thankful for my body; how appearance has nothing to do with what your body can do

+ That they see it and it’s fine instead of minimizing or ignoring it

+ My partner would still love me, but my family would judge me

+ I didn’t need to feel ashamed of my body or myself

+ I did not lose my value as a human being

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 1.54.30 PM

"I wish I never heard 'you have such a pretty face' over and over again. It gave me a false sense of security and zero confidence"

+ Why my mom would be so upset

+ It means nothing because my weight has nothing to do with who I am or what I can do

+ I’m human and this is what my human body looks like and that’s okay

+ To appreciate yourself for how you are at all intervals of your life

+ Be kind to yourself. Stop hiding

+ Nothing. I wish they had treated it as the non-issue it actually is

+ I am still me


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