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why do you be.come

Last week we posed the question – why do you be.come? and here are some of the answers.

I be.come…

“to see myself for who I really am, not for how the world sees me”

“because other workouts have made me feel like my body doesn’t belong”

“to kick chronic illness’s ass!”

“because I travel a ton for work, and it kills jet lag.”

“because it’s a fun workout which basically feels like a party in your undies!”

“because it is short and sweet”

“for my mental health”

“for family time with the hubby and little one”

“to get stronger and healthier. a new outlook on body image has been a bonus!”

“because I’m not comfortable at regular gyms”

“to create joy in my day!”

“because exercising for my body wasn’t enough, I needed to exercise for my mind too”

“to show my body love”

“because it’s something that I can do, solely for me and no one else, that makes me feel proud”

“to get to know my body and her capabilities after giving birth”

“to help me live out my mantra: ‘I am rooted, I am rising’ “

“because I feel like I can take on the world when I’m done!”

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