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Last week we put out a survey of 10 past routines and asked you to vote on their favorites. The top five routines were to be featured in the month of December for an end-of-year roundup. Would you like to know the winners??

5. w8 || notice a difference?
4. w6 || shine on
3. w15 || go for it
2. w14 || movement as medicine
1. w10 || the true og / gay girls (I knew this one would win!!)

On the survey, I left a place at the bottom for you to write a little note or share other thoughts. I almost didn’t include this (you had enough work to do) but added it at the last minute. I should have known, this community is SO THOUGHTFUL. Thank you for all of your beautiful comments and here are a few favorites for you.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends. I’m incredibly grateful for you.
xx – Bethany

“It has been great to revisit some of the earlier routines and see the difference in my body’s ability.” – Megan (client since beta)

“Can we do all of them in December!? 🙂 ” – Meg (client since beta)

“As someone who is active and strong, yet still struggles with body image issues, motivation, mild depression, and self confidence issues, this has been an absolute joy. In my adult life I’ve never felt so proud and accepting of my body, how it looks, and more importantly, WHAT IT CAN DO! Thank you. You’re a badass angel!” – JT (client of 2-4 months)

“Picking between these is like picking a favourite child! But thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. Can’t wait to see what we get!” – Kathryn (client since beta)

“I love almost all of them, I noticed the first move from each of those videos and they would make a fabulous 60 minute “holiday special”… I cant believe I’ve been doing it so long, no wonder I’m noticing how strong I am lately.” – GC (client of 2-4 months)

“I love be.come. I love how it makes me feel. I love you. Thank you” – Abigail (client since beta)

“This program is unlike anything else I’ve ever done. I love it! Thank you for creating a something that makes me feel so good— inside and out!” – Kaeleigh (client of 2-4 months)

“It was so nice to look back and realize how each routine represents one week of my life and my progression through be.come thus far, from the beta project until know! So proud of you and thank you for giving us this gift! XO!” – BD (client since beta)

“You are incredible and i love your work. Thank you for involving us in your decisions and being so awesome.” – Emily (hasn’t started yet)

“Just… the best workout ever. So grateful for bcm & 🙂” – Ellie (client since beta)


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