strong and centered || heather shares


We received this messages from app-client Heather and wanted to share it with you all (with her permission of course!) because of her can-do, heart-first dive into the be.come project. And we also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking the same leap of faith as she in joining us. We’re so grateful for every. single. one. of you beautiful souls and we really think many of you will relate to her story – Without further ado, meet Heather!

Hi be.come, I’m Heather.

I was a normal gym-goer for years, and was becoming extremely bored and frustrated with it. The class times rarely worked with my schedule, the equipment was never clean, and eventually it felt more and more like a chore.

I had been following Bethany on Instagram for about a year before they started their own business, and was quickly realizing there were other options than the traditional gym. Their Instagram posts were inspiring me to be more mindful of why and how I exercise, and making me realize my gym routine didn’t match my lifestyle anymore, and that I needed to change it.

One Saturday morning I was dreading going to my normal gym class, and decided to do a trial of be.come instead. After one session, I was hooked. I felt energized, centered, and better than I ever did in my normal classes, and right away I knew I wasn’t going back to the gym.

As someone who is all about self-care and making things work for your own lifestyle, Bethany has designed a program that allows me to exercise before work and begin my day feeling in-tune with myself. Since starting 2 months ago, I feel stronger, happier, and have a heightened awareness that I’m working out for *me* and not just to stay in shape.

I truly recommend this program to anyone who needs to jumpstart their routine and *become* more in tune with themselves. Bethany is so much fun to work out with, and you’ll start to feel more centered and loved than ever before.

Lots of shoulder kisses,


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