retreat recap

The first ever be.come project retreat took place from November 15-17 at the gorgeous 1440 Multiversity campus deep in the redwoods of central California. Members of our community came together in an insanely beautiful setting to explore body-neutrality in a safe environment. Yes, it’s true! Humans supporting humans — spending time together moving because we respect our bodies, not because we hate them.

Here are some crazy inspiring quotes from those that attended the very first (but not last!) be.come project retreat. We hope to see many more of you at these in the future! *shoulder kisses*

I loved how the group helped me to go beyond what I normally think I am capable of.”

In a million years did I think I could do what I did this weekend and I’ll keep trying to channel that [strength] on my own”

I’m beyond grateful for my weekend with all of you. I love that our energy brought us together.” 

“So much fun! Thank you for creating an amazing weekend! I left feeling strong and with so much to think about.”

I think we all feel profoundly changed by this weekend, but it’s still continuing to surprise me as we move away from the trip.”


“This weekend is hard to explain. The bonds created, the healing that was started, the dialogue shared. It was magic.  The gratitude I feel keeps bringing tears to my eyes.”

“Not sure if I’ll ever be able to fully articulate how magical this past weekend was. I got to spend my time in the Santa Cruz mountains with some of the most incredible people I have ever met. I love you all so much and I’m looking forward to WHEN (not if) we get together next to be.come. Feeling overwhelmingly grateful and just need to say ‘Thank you!'”

“Once we all knew the moves and knew that we were doing the options to support our body, we were able to let go, smile, get lost in the movement, focus less on perfectionism and focus more on just enjoying it. Yes you are hearing me right, we worked out AND HAD FUN DOING IT.”


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