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I found Bethany online just over a year ago and fell in love with their message of self-love and body positivity. I’ve struggled with body image and disordered eating my entire life. Working out was always something that I used as a punishment if I felt I’d overindulged or if I was trying to quickly lose weight. I’ve tried every fad exercise program under the sun and even trained as a fitness instructor myself, but nothing has made me actually want to work out just for the pure joy of loving my body and enjoying moving it like be.come has.

It’s an ongoing journey unlearning all these deeply ingrained ideas about our bodies, but not only does Bethany provide a fun, beautiful new routine every week that celebrates our bodies, they also (whether intentional or not) guide your mindset to shift how we view our bodies also.

I never thought I would be working out in my underwear and grooving along to great music while exercising, but as the weather in Australia gets hotter I’ve found myself shedding layers as class goes on… Now I just change into my crop and undies when it’s workout time!

During last week’s routine I was dressed just like that when I was holding the final position on my back with my knees up and I rested my hand on my tummy. Its soft and lovely and my sons favourite place to rest his head, but underneath I felt hardness… I had abs! I haven’t weighed myself since I’ve started be.coming, instead I just focus on how good my body is feeling, but this was crazy. I injured my back last year and have a bulging disc in my lower spine, but for the past few weeks the pain has been so much better as has my movement, and this must be the answer why, a stronger core!

The routine finished and Bethany invited us to do our end of class shoulder kisses, I must admit in all my time be.coming I’ve never actually done this but today I gave each shoulder a kiss. A physical representation of the love that is growing for my body, and then as so often happens, the tears fell. Happy tears, to signify the end of a long war against my body.

I’m feeling proud, accomplished, strong and beautiful in my own skin. I am so grateful for Bethany and be.come for being such an important part of my journey. Thank you.

xo, Kathryn


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