one year of be.coming ll a check-in

We couldn’t be happier to have such wonderful clients who find this project and use it to uncover the strength and peace that has always lived in their minds and bodies. Last week, Marissa sent us this message on Instagram sharing her excitement about reaching 1 full year with the be.come project. Happy 1 year, Marissa!

January 15, 2020 marks one year since starting the be.come project. Right now, I have tears of deep gratitude streaming down my face for all the beautiful ways be.coming has helped me shift perspective. It has helped alter my perception of movement and its purpose. It has adjusted my thinking from, “I have to power through this workout because I want to lose weight and lower my BMI (total BS),” to “I want to move my body because it feels good.” I find myself really tuning into my body and noticing that I need movement to release tension and stress. The be.come project has shifted how I speak to myself and how I value my precious, powerful body. The change from “I hate how my stomach looks,” to “look at what my body can do. It is so strong!” Of course, as with anything, it is all a work in progress, but all of these shifts have been life changing. Truly. This is the first movement routine I’ve stuck with for a full year in a decade. It has made me fall in love with movement again.

Today was a hard day at work, and when I got home I was feeling physically and mentally exhausted. Nevertheless, one of the first things I did was get out my mat and be.come. I knew it would help me feel more grounded, centered, and capable. I knew it would help me release the anxiety and frustration of the day. I knew it would help me come home to myself and give myself the love I needed. 

That’s exactly what it did. 

By the time I got to the left leg series, I was crying and the tears didn’t stop flowing until the shoulder kisses. The tears came from a place of pride and inner strength. I was so proud of myself for moving my body and challenging myself. Even after a long, draining day. So yeah. All that is to say thank you. What you have created is truly magical.

thanks marissa for sharing! you can follow @marissa_frances_manza and read her first Pour Your Heart Out HERE


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