on working out in my underwear


No pants will forever and always be the best pants. Which is also part of the reason I’m proud to have created a workout that you can do in your undies or whatever makes you feel your very best.

I often talk about the be.come project being the “anti-bikini-body” workout and I find it intriguing that our bra and underwear have basically the same amount of coverage as swimwear, but the bikini is made for public and panties are made for private.

So you know the backstory, I never advocated for people to workout in their underwear. It was actually all of you who started it. I began receiving messages from women saying they did the workout in their undies in honor of me. And then I started getting messages from women saying for the first time, they looked at their body in the mirror and saw it for where it is now, and not where they want it to be in the future.

One woman wrote and said she hadn’t gotten to her underwear yet but she did workout in a sports bra and saw her stomach and engaged her muscles in a new way. Another woman told me she was struggling with a routine one week, got fed up and finally stripped her pants and shirt halfway through and finished in tears of release.

I never thought our underwear could be such a powerhouse in body acceptance and yet here I sit with an inbox full of messages from people who are half naked, be.coming in their undies and shifting their perspective.

You have until the end of the month to sign up for the march be.come project. Details found in bio link. I’d love to have you and your granny panties join me in changing the conversation around why we move.


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