new normal || anja shares


Hi be.come + community, I’ve been wanting to share my story for awhile. I joined be.come soon after the beta project launched, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Like so many others I had never been able to stick to an exercise routine for more than a few months. The be.come project was like a breath of fresh air not only because I wanted to do this exercise regularly, but it made me feel good. Over the last year I’ve noticed so many changes in the way I accept my body and how I talk to myself.

Recently, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s – a disease where your immune system attacks your thyroid which causes it to not produce enough of the hormones that help your body most efficiently use its energy – and along with that came some serious diet and lifestyle changes. Having done be.come throughout that initial difficult time was a constant reminder of my strength. Even when I wasn’t feeling good, doing half a routine one day and half the next felt like an accomplishment, as opposed to feeling weak.

After coming to terms with my illness + a year with the project, I am the healthiest and strongest I have ever been. It feels great to be making such positive progress in my life in becoming more me. I’m even turning 30 in a few weeks and can say that I feel that way!

This picture really sums it all up for me- I went to a concert for my best friend’s birthday and I wore a little crop top. I never in my life would ever have dreamed of wearing something like that before. I feel so comfortable and confident in my skin now; it was liberating and freeing to wear that and feel amazing. I wanted to thank you, for this community and for the vision. It has changed my life in so many ways, I am truly grateful!

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