my inner being ll caroline shares

Working out has always been that thing that I know I should be doing, but knowing has never been enough to get me doing it consistently. be.come has changed that for me. I feel challenged while encouraged. I feel my higher self pouring love down on me. I don’t be.come in hopes of changing my body, I be.come to feed my inner being. I feel beautiful, strong, capable, and limber. The moves in the routines make me FEEL something, spiritually and energetically.

Although I’m not a professional dancer, I feel deeply connected to my inner being when I’m dancing. When I saw how graceful and flowing the moves from the routine were, it reminded me of that connectedness and I had to find out more. Now, I’m hooked.

be.come forces me to tap into all of my goodness, and it feeds the artist within me. It pulls out my physical and mental strength. The movements have a way of connecting me to my spirit, and, as a result, the routines feel like an act of self love.

With gratitude, Caroline



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