modifying with intention…karlie shares

I particularly loved this email I received from Karlie recently. I talk about the power of modifications all the time, but when it comes from you, my clients??? It brings me so much joy.

From Karlie C

I just wanted to say thank you for your advice from earlier this week. The tutorial on the standing obliques helped me tremendously.

Even more important though, your advice on pushing through some brain noise really helped me. I was struggling so much. Feeling weak because my body and brain have been exhausted and yet refusing to modify – instead just skipping the work out all together.

I had no intentions of opening up become tonight. Was just going to run out some anxiety on the treadmill and call it a night – figured the treadmill was even pushing it given my mood. Well, as I’m sure you can guess, 5 minutes into a run I was already feeling better. So. I pulled out a mat at the gym. For the first time I did become in public. It was a little scary but I felt confident in my strength. And for the first time I truly modified. I stayed on a 2 count when I couldn’t keep up with the 1 during the lunges. I took a knee on the left side, my weaker side, because I couldn’t push through it today.

In the past both of these things would have made me feel like I failed. Like I didn’t complete the work out. Like I wasn’t good enough. I would have regretted even trying. I know it’s silly to say being given permission made it okay but…. it kind of did. It made me feel like everyone has those days. Knowing that have days you need to go into Childs pose with intention instead of completing the move just let me feel like it’s okay to listen to your body.

Become has brought a lot into my life since I’ve been incorporating it into my life. A new renewed appreciation for working out, confidence in myself and my ability to keep up with people more fit than me, but most importantly it has taught me that it’s okay to be nice to yourself. To be proud of what you accomplished instead of angry for what you couldn’t. It’s still a work in progress. Some days are harder than others. But your message replayed through my mind the entire time. Thank you for that.

I feel like I found you at a time when I needed someone like you most. Someone truly positive about all bodies. Who encourages with positive words instead of negative. Late 2017/2018 has been a ride for me and I was feeling lost. Being here has helped me start to find my center again.

I write to you every time I have these feelings because I’m just so grateful. And I felt like you should know how much you’ve helped me.

Thank you. I needed that today.


I hope you all are having a wonderful week. I’m writing this to you as I’m on my way to Los Angeles and, to be honest, I’ve been struggling a little this week. But I find your messages and updates make it all so much better – thank you for that. If you are experiencing any buffering issues, let me know as soon as possible! Bugs can only get fixed if we can recreate the problem so the more you tell me, the better the app be.comes 🙂

xx – Bethany

photo by @idillionaire


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