meet your demos ll martin & elianna

Martin shares:

When did you start be.coming?

I had always felt self-conscious about working out until I started the be.come project. It has been 6 months since I signed up and I haven’t looked back yet. It’s definitely been the best decision I have ever made.

When I first started, I was doing the routines every other week. I felt like I wasn’t getting it right or that every move I was doing was off, but by watching the tutorials and reading about everyone’s experience online, I was able to gain the courage and confidence to do the routines pretty regularly. I have never felt so good about working out or so supported by a community. The community has been such an important part of the experience, helping me both feel good and learn more about self-acceptance. I love that each routine incorporates new movements with old moves so the motions begin to feel familiar, building my confidence even further. No matter how clumsy I feel or if it takes a while for me to find the correct form, the fact that I feel encouraged through every routine to JUST DO IT meant the absolutely world to me. I am finding so much strength within myself.

My favorite song we’ve used:

I love how you think a song wouldn’t fit into the routine but suddenly I’m doing dog pose to Harry Style’s Sign of the Times – and loving it!


My favorite place to take a session:

I typically do the routines in my apartment either before work or after work. I have done them at the gym once or twice, but could never get fully comfortable working out in front of an audience, so I decided with confidence only to do routines in my home.

Ultimately, there is no better feeling than working out for fun and not worrying about a scale or outside influences.

How would your best friend describe you?

Eccentric and outspoken!

Tell us about your experience as a demo.

One of my 2020 goals was to push myself to do things outside of my comfort zone – and I definitely did that thanks to the be.come project! My experience was amazing because of Bethany’s encouragement, representation and love for helping others be their best selves.

How has the be.come project helped you?

It has helped me to work out more regularly, as well as helping me feel comfortable with my body and with learning along the way. the be.come project is more than a workout app. It’s a community that supports one and another to live a healthier life and to teach each other acceptance and self-love.

Elianna shares:

When did you start be.coming?

I have been be.coming on and off for about 3 months.

How would your best friend describe you in 5 words?

Loving, strong, grounded, rational, and adventurous

My favorite part of a session:

My favorite part of a be.come session is when we finish. The feeling of completing something that has challenged me both mentally and physically is so incredibly rewarding! And of course, I can’t forget about those sweet shoulder kisses!

My favorite thing to wear:

My matching red sports bra and yoga pants. I always feel so powerful when I’m wearing that outfit!

My favorite place to take a session:

My favorite place to do a be.come routine is outdoors on my patio! I love being able to be outside any chance I can get.

Tell us about your experience as a demo.

Being a demo was an incredible experience. Bethany is someone that I have looked up to for ages, and to be able to meet them was a true highlight. For me, this experience reaffirmed that every body is beautiful and that it’s important to stay active because I accept and respect my body and not because I hate it or think it needs to change.

How has the be.come project helped you?

the be.come project has helped me love my body through every season of life. Some parts of life will be harder than others and the be.come project has taught me to love up on myself during both the good and bad times.

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