meet your demo babes ll chelsea & laurie share

Chelsea shares:

How long have you been be.coming?

I’ve been be.coming since the beta project!

Tell us about your experience as a demo babe.

This was my second time being a demo and, somehow, it was even more exciting than the first time. Bethany and their team made me feel completely comfortable and strong in my body at every turn. There is a palpable energy in the studio that is really extraordinary. Everyone is there working towards the same goal. We were all working together to make this thing happen. It was simultaneously exhausting and empowering, which is hard to accomplish!

On top of that, this experience was special to me because Bethany showed how much faith they had in me as a business owner. Getting to collaborate with the be.come project and give back in the process was more than I could have asked for. From the start, Bethany was a total champion of mine, which truly made all the difference. 

How has the be.come project helped you?

I still find new ways that the be.come project has helped me even after all this time. Some days, it helps me to manage my stress. Other days, it reminds me that I am completely enough in this body that I was given; and truthfully, some days, I do the routines and finish just as annoyed, angry, or sad as I was when I started. This reminds me that there is no wrong way to respond to moving your body, which I think is important too. 

How would your best friend describe you in five words?

Fearless. Resilient. Selfless. Energetic. Genuine.

What is your favorite…

be.come move – The twisted side plank will forever amaze me. 

part of your be.come session – It really is crazy how incredibly therapeutic kissing your shoulders or thanking your body for just moving that day can be. 

thing you see in a be.come session – Every body type out there is represented.

Laurie shares:

How did you find the be.come project?

I followed Bethany through their time at SLT, during which, I tried to talk myself into going, but decided against it because I convinced myself I would end up a pretzel on the transformer.

Fast-forward a few years, I saw Bethany had started an in-studio class here in NYC and once again was working up the courage to go in. So on November 14, 2017, I took the plunge and stopped by their class. I enjoyed myself so much that I quickly returned. I was borderline fainting in class 2, but was reassured by Bethany not to be embarrassed, and to keep trying even if that meant taking breaks. I’ve been with the be.come project since before the app and I’ve loved it for that reason…its ok to take a break; it’s normal to need to do a move in an alternative way if that’s what your body needs; it’s ok to wear what is comfortable; it’s ok to be nervous; it’s ok to wobble; it’s ok to just be you. 

How has the be.come project helped you? 


Tell us about your experience as a demo babe.

I was lucky enough to take part in the photo shoot in April of 2018 before becoming a demo babe. The photo shoot was the most out of the box thing I have ever agreed to, but it was amazing connecting with other be.comers, and we are still friends to this day. Going into both the photo shoot and the demo shoot, I felt nervous, anxious, and scared of how the world might judge me or my body. They are very intimate experiences; in one instance, I was in a bra and underwear, and in the other, I was on video where every misstep I made was being captured. There was no hiding. Fortunately, Bethany has this innate way of putting your mind at ease with their constant encouragements, and so everything just fades away. Leaving both experiences, I felt strong, free, and confident in not caring what people would think; it wasn’t for them, it was for me. 

What is your favorite…

be.come move– facing the side, arms in prayer, back leg bent, front leg straight with the foot flexed. 

part of your be.come session– the bridge because you are halfway there! 

place to be.come- In-studio with Bethany 

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