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I’ve been actively be.coming for a full year, though I’ve been following Bethany since they launched the be.come project in January 2018. I signed up for the January project, but I was living in a small apartment that did not have any space for me to work out without hitting at least two pieces of furniture. Then I made a major life change in September 2018, left the relationship I was in, and moved into my own apartment. It was a devastating chapter in my life, but the be.come project was there for me as I rediscovered my independence. 

With boxes all around in my new place, I found my yoga mat, unrolled it, and decided to do something just for me. I opened the be.come project app and did my first routine. I checked in with my feelings. I can’t remember exactly what I put at first, but it definitely wasn’t anything positive. After? My emotions made a complete 180. I felt strong, motivated and confident. This was it. the be.come project ignited a new fire within me.

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I had always been active my whole life. I was a cheerleader growing up. I loved movement; I loved dancing; I loved yoga. I still love those things, though it’s ridiculously expensive to workout in NYC, and it’s hard to plan to take a class before or after work. But give me my yoga mat, the be.come project, and the space within my own apartment? I’m all set! Bethany has made fitness truly approachable for anyone and everyone. I’m so happy to be a part of this community they have created.

This past year has been the hardest year of my life—along with grieving my relationship of seven years, my dad unexpectedly died among other personal losses that really challenged me in every possible way. I don’t like giving the year that much credit for being so horrible, as I still did experience joy, happiness and personal growth too. Through it all, the ups and downs, I always had the be.come project. Whenever I needed to do something for me, whenever I craved movement, and whenever I could recognize that I need to change my headspace, the be.come project and Bethany were there to help me work it out. I don’t work out to lose weight but rather the be.come project is what I do when I need to clear my head, improve my own mental health, and just feel like a strong ass, confident, motivated woman. When the experts say exercise makes you happy, they aren’t joking!

I’d say my favorite be.come project routines include the Superhero routine and the routine from March 18 with the leg bend switch thing (goes to Arianna Grande) and the X and T with our arms during the lunge (cause it feels so cheer-like to me!). I also love the Good As Hell/Lizzo routine! That one is a classic—bring it back ANYTIME!

"the be.come project was there for me as I rediscovered my independence"

My 34th birthday is coming up later this month (Scorpio season!), and inspired by my mom who does this, I’ve set a certain number of goals for the year—the number of goals I set will match the age that I’m turning. I’ll be 34 this year, so I’ve written down 34 goals for myself for the year ahead. When I turned 33, I wrote down on the list that I would workout regularly. At that point I had been be.coming for little more than a month, and I already knew this was the program that I could stick with. Of course, throughout the year, I’ve had some off weeks—whether I was traveling or sick. But I never beat myself up for those weeks when I didn’t be.come. I knew Bethany would be there on Monday with a new routine, and it’d be a new week where I could jump right back in. I have the same goal of sticking with the routine for this next year. And originally I was going to apply to be a demo babe when I turned 34. But something within me just said, “Do it now. Why wait?” So I applied. And not long after, I was in Brooklyn shooting alongside Bethany and my fellow demo babe, Sarah!

Being a demo was so much fun. It was such a positive, lighthearted environment. The crew was wonderful! Bethany is so encouraging and motivating, and Sarah is a total rock star! She and I are forever bonded by our shared demo babe experience! I was so proud of myself when the day wrapped. Getting through that fourth routine was harder than the other three, my body was shaking—but I did it! And I would do it again in a heartbeat. 

Thank you Bethany for this truly one-of-a-kind community! It is so so so special.

Shoulder kisses to everyone!

My be.come favorites:

song we’ve used: Lizzo “Good as Hell”

be.come move: Superhero Pose! I’ve always done this before any big interview/presentation/etc. It really works!

part of your be.come session: Shoulder kisses and stretching at the end. Cause it means I did it!

thing you hear/see in a be.come session: When Bethany tells us that we can do it in the plank finale.

thing to wear when you’re be.coming: Yoga pants and a sports bra.

place to take a session: Always in my living room—though if we’re doing leg sweeps, I’ll have to move my trash can and an ottoman out of my way.

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