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A little about me: I’m a Registered Nurse. I have worked in most departments and found my love of gastroenterology in Endoscopy. Despite finding my dream job AKA day hours with minimal nights, weekends or holidays in the hospital I am leaving in August to move to Denmark. I lived there for a year years ago and always thought I’d go back. As I started to get closer to 30 I decided I either needed to go stop dreaming about it or make it happen. So I’ve been working towards this for the last two years and now I am finally going! I’m terrified and excited to see what this year brings. I am so happy to have the be.come project accessible to me wherever I am because it grounds me. 

The be.come project has done so much for me – it’s hard to explain to people sometimes but people in this community get it. It’s so much more than a workout app. It has helped me feel comfortable in my skin and consciously start to love and accept myself as I am. I have also stopped weighing myself. I never did it often but it rarely made me feel good. I know weight doesn’t reflect health and it certainly doesn’t measure strength, confidence, or give me that badass feeling finishing a be.come routine with shoulder kisses gives me. 

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Tell us how you and Kaeleigh met!

We met in college when Kaeleigh joined the sorority I was in. We went out for dinner and I knew we’d be good friends. I had no idea I’d be gaining a best friend though. I’m not even sure that word does it justice. Kaeleigh is the most loyal, supportive person and I am so lucky to have her in my corner. She fulfilled her dream of moving to the PNW three years ago. Although I wish we weren’t so far from each other it hasn’t changed much for us because we write letters, use FaceTime, and make trips to visit. It was last year when I went to visit for Kaeleigh’s spring break that I made her do be.come with me. After we finished the first routine she looked at me and said “why when Bethany tells me to keep going do I do it even if I don’t really want to?” I knew she was hooked and we’ve done the app together ever since. We discuss each week’s routine, the music, everything and help motivate each other as well as be realistic. When we’re down about not having enough time to meet our weekly goal we support each other through that. I can’t imagine being a demo babe with anyone else!

How long have you been be.coming? 

Since before the beta project. I did the very first video when Bethany was putting out feelers for this. So I also did the VIP video before The January Project launched. 

Favorite thing to wear during be.come?

A sports bra and leggings or shorts. I never would have felt comfortable doing that before this. It helps that it’s at home but the confidence I’ve gained from it has crossed over into other areas of my life. I feel more confident in my clothes and wearing things like a crop top. It’s pretty amazing! 

Favorite thing you hear/see in a be.come routine?

I love when Bethany talks about things they can’t do or need to modify. I also love when a demo babe teeters a little and Bethany encourages them like “nice save” or something. It’s so genuine and now when I teeter or mess up I hear Bethany’s encouragement. 

Favorite place to take a session?

Outside! There is something so magical about being outdoors, with a breeze, and listening to Bethany and the awesome routine music. 

What was your experience as a demo babe like?

I was super nervous! I think mostly about meeting Bethany, remembering the routines, and being able to do four in one day. My stomach was in knots the whole ride to the studio. Once we got there and met everyone I started to relax. Everyone was so excited and welcoming! Once we started practicing the nerves went away, the music and cues were so good we just did it. After we had one down the rest flowed easily. I was totally exhausted after we finished but I felt so accomplished and proud of myself. It was such a fun day and I’m so glad I could share it with Kaeleigh!

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