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Hi Bethany!

Seriously, my Monday did not start well. I had a terrible case of insomnia last night: I was exhausted and tried to go to bed early and then ended up laying awake desperately trying to fall asleep but instead just crying and feeling super aggravated.

It was really difficult for me because I just recently started a new job that I absolutely love working with visually impaired students and I had been dealing with regular insomnia since I started. It was especially aggravating because I have to wake up at 5 a.m. to then drive an hour to this new job, so not getting enough sleep is really not good.

I finally fell asleep around 3 a.m. and when I woke up to my alarm at 5 I just felt so crappy and upset that I had to take the day off. I do not operate well on little sleep and I just didn’t feel like I would be my best self today, nor that I could drive an hour at 6 in the morning with only two hours of sleep behind me.

I felt so guilty about taking off and was feeling so down on myself. I was really tempted to be super lazy and sit in my self-pity all day today, but I pushed myself to put on my sports bra and be.come.

Holy crap was that the best possible thing I could have done for myself today. I felt so amazingly connected with this week’s routine. I feel like I was able to grasp it really quickly and flow into it with ease and that’s not always how I feel every week!

Not to mention I only be.came once last week and not at all the week before, so needless to say I’ve definitely felt like I’ve been in a slump and not taking good care of myself.

When I finished the routine, I realized that taking this step in self-care pushed me out of the really unhealthy mindset I had been in all day. I had the amazing realization that taking off work for your mental health is definitely not a bad thing, and that by doing so I gave myself a chance to re-set which will only benefit myself and my students when I go in to work tomorrow.

I guess my point is that taking care of your mental health, even if that means occasionally taking a day off of work and pushing yourself out of unhealthy thinking habits, is incredibly important. Thank you for helping me mentally re-group today and feel so wonderful and finally ready to take on the week with energy and positivity!

Be.come is the best!

– Caitlin (client of 1.5 months)


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