getting started at the be.come project

Welcome to the be.come project! We couldn’t be happier to have you as part of our community. We’d love to help ease you into taking your first session with this video from our founder and your instructor, Bethany C. Meyers (because let’s be honest, new things can be intimidating!)

Our body-neutral and inclusive approach to fitness will probably be a little different than what you are used to, and we are pretty sure you are going to love it. We aren’t here to capitalize on your insecurities or tell you that you aren’t enough. In fact, we’re here to do the exact opposite. Our 25-minute, pilates-inspired routines use movement as medicine, encouraging you to feel good, find the calm and most importantly, respect your body.

Because our routines are smartly-crafted, alignment-based, low-impact and easily altered, we cater to a range of fitness levels and body types. Our foundation tutorials address a variety of concerns including knee pain, wrist pain, proper lunge form and how to be.come while pregnant. Check them out here.  

So without any further ado, let’s get you taking your first session. 

logging in…

There are two ways to access the routines – through our app, or through our web experience (aka: via your phone or computer).

on the web experience:
    • Head to our website.
    • Click login at the top right.
    • Enter your email and password.
    • You’re in!

on the app:

    • Download our app: iPhone / Android.
    • Enter your email & password.
    • You’re in!

the be.come project schedule:

We have a different approach to our routines at the be.come project. Instead of a library of videos that can lead to the Netflix syndrome (aka: endless scrolling without selecting) we feature a weekly routine that is designed to be done repetitively. Why one routine a week? The aim is to help you learn the moves faster and more efficiently, so that after a few rounds, the sessions morph into meditation. And with our weekly tutorials, you can ask routine specific questions to help improve your form.

    • A new routine is released every Monday at 12am (EST). We call it #thisweeksroutine. It will be in the number 1 video spot for 7 days. 
    • Submit your questions about the routine on Monday and Tuesday via email or instagram. 
    • Every Wednesday, Bethany will answer your questions in a weekly tutorial
    • At the end of 7 days, a new routine is released and #thisweeksroutine moves to the number 2 video spot, which we call #lastweeksroutine. 
    • This means at any given time, you have two routines to choose from and master!

Taking a session...

Step 1: Set your movement goal for the week. How many sessions do you want to take? What’s important is that you choose a number that’s comfortable for you. If you would rather not participate in goal setting, just choose “0”!

Step 2: Unlock your routine by checking in with how you feel. You can choose up to 3 emotions that we provide, or you can enter your own.

Step 3: Start your routine!

video tips and tricks…

Be sure you explore the bottom toolbar of the video player.

    • Click the arrows to jump backward 15 seconds or fast forward 30 seconds.
    • Click the music note to adjust the volume of the music to your preferred level. Turn it all the way up to only hear music. Turn it all the way down to only hear instruction. 
    • Click the checkmark once you are done with your session.

you did it!

    • Before you go, smile at your demos in the videos. They are real life clients just like you! Notice how we do not edit out mistakes / wobbles / blunders. We like to keep it real. 
    • To count your session toward your weekly goal, select your post-routine emotions. This is a great opportunity to begin to understand how movement affects your mood.
connect with us:

We have an incredible online community and we’d love for you to be part of it. 

To get inspired, access weekly playlists and chat with Bethany, follow us on Instagram HERE.

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