first month with tbp (part one) ll cristina shares

Getting started:

We’d love to know a little bit about why you started be.come!

I’ve been following Bethany for some time now on Instagram. What I remember the most is their tutorials and their attention to detail in posture, that always made me pay attention to what they had to say because I always feel that’s the first mistake we all make, bad posture. Back then they were only teaching classes in NYC so when they created a workout app I was quick to download it, however… starting my “I’m going to work out because I want to and not because I HAVE to” journey took a good while before I decided to begin the weekly routines. 

What was your hesitation in starting with be.come? 

Even though I was drawn to Bethany’s approach to exercising I still felt I wasn’t ready to begin, whatever that meant. I was afraid of letting myself down because this could be yet another program I would end up quitting, so I had the mentality of “why make the bed if you’re going to sleep on it again tonight” as, I will fail so why even begin. 

What was your motivation to get started? 

I’m not sure if I’m going through some sort emotional breakthrough but something in my heart clicked, I was busy remodeling our house, very busy at work (I’m an architect so between my house and job it felt like I NEVER stopped working), so much to coordinate, plus regular day to day stuff, doing a very intense diet AND feeling extremely overwhelmed, this situation somehow was the PERFECT time for me to just go ahead and finally sign up for the be.come project. You would think this was the worst possible time, right? Well, it seems I work great under pressure because I didn’t even think about it, I didn’t question it or listened to the 575930 “what if” that usually pop by just to say hi. 

First session:

What did you expect from your first session? 

I was expecting to 100% suck so I automatically did an “easier” version of the exercises because I would tell myself there was no way I would be able to do them. I constantly told myself I looked like a Muppet, but making myself laugh and also hearing Bethany say things like “its ok” or their little words of encouragement throughout the routine made it easier for me.  Definitely emotional and mental stimulation are key for me, and not necessarily the mental stimulation that is screaming in your face telling you to “work harder”. I don’t know if it’s me but I feel Bethany is more like… “Come join me, we can love ourselves together, and if today you don’t feel like it, that’s fine too”. How can you not like that approach to exercise? For someone who has always felt like she doesn’t really belong, Bethany makes me feel like I’m safe and welcomed here. 

What did you get out of it? 

I felt I could do it and not suck as much as I thought I would. I really enjoyed the slow movements and the music, it reminded me of yoga in many ways and I love that. The routine also had a lot of stretching (or for me it was stretching, coming from someone who NEVER works out), so I felt it the most on my hips, my back cracked like 5 times, so it felt really good on my body. The other part I liked about the routine was that I had to tap into how I was feeling and checking in, so when you have what feels like a million things on your plate that felt like a little gift at the end of the day. So from the get-go I was blown away by what I got from this workout, it was definitely something different for me and somehow touched this part of my heart that wants to be happy and stop the self-sabotage. 


First week:

Due to everything that’s happening in my life I only did the routine once, however I pushed myself into going to the gym during lunch time, which probably would’ve never happen if I didn’t feel like I’m doing this for myself. I didn’t think someone would inspire so much self-love, but I did feel that I had to commit to loving myself more. This is not something that everyone will get from the be.come project, but it’s definitely the message I feel I need to take from it. 

Week Two: 

Week two routine felt like it was a step up from week one, somehow it felt a little bit more intense “high heart rate” workout, which I found enjoyable. Again I decided to work out late in the day so I think this became my thing, working out before going to bed, even if its 11:00 PM. So continuing my idea that I look like a “Muppet” while working out, forward lunges are not so easy for me. When you’re overweight well… your stomach gets in the way plus not being used to working out it takes a minute to actually get into position. Other than that I liked this routine because it felt like a “good body stretch”, and as Bethany said this routine would put you right to bed if you are doing it at night, well it was true because that day I passed out in bed wearing my workout clothes. I did manage to do this routine twice, which again…. just doing it more than once it’s a huge accomplishment. One little thing I love about these workouts, the “kiss your shoulders” or… any body part portion at the end. It’s a small little thing, however is the kind of reminder we ALL need to appreciate our bodies a little bit more.

I forgot to mention that I signed up for a yoga class in HOLLYWOOD (a drive for me) this week, and not only that I did not flake but I actually enjoyed it.  the be.come project inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and do a yoga class which I haven’t in probably 7 years. What is happening? I don’t care what people think of my “not perfect” body? I will do “Muppet” poses in public? Yes… I’m blaming the be.come project for this behavior. 

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