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It’s taken me about a month to figure out how to truly articulate what be.come means to me. Over the last few years my body has experienced a lot of change.

About 1.5 years ago, I changed my method of birth control. I went from taking the “the pill” to an IUD. I had been on “the pill” since high school so switching was the first time I had my natural body post-puberty. All the parts of my body that I am self conscious of, grew. I felt like a stranger in my body and again like I had no control.

About 2.5 years ago I was sexually assaulted. When I started to go to therapy, I realized just how drastically the assault changed me. I was diagnosed with PTSD and have had to figure out how to cope. I am constantly learning about my triggers. I am fighting every day to get used to the new normal of my mind and how I have no control over how I got here and I can only control what’s next.


Enter be.come: I loved the concept and the posts always made it seem fun and inclusive. I absolutely despise exercising and sweating. As a kid, I was chubby and forced to exercise and go on diets since I was elementary age. I think I always had a negative association with exercise from that. I decided to download the app. It would be another few months before I tried a routine. Once I finally tried it, I fell in love. be.come has given me an outlet to take control over my mind and body again. It’s become my solace on bad days and the thing I look forward to most on good days. It makes me feel whole and like myself again. There are truly no words to thank Bethany and the be.come team for what they have created. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift of the be.come project and the community.

-Alex (@altrebs)


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