finding a balance || marie shares


Hey hello hi Bethany! I’ve been be.coming since January (wild, right?) and I have to say that this has been important. It’s not that I didn’t like my body before, I was okay with it ( a little despondent, even?).

I honestly saw you in Advocate magazine and thought you were beautiful and found be.come after that. The first month was hard: I did not cry after a workout, and I didn’t necessarily feel like I was stronger or more confident, I actually found how bad my flexibility was, and really felt like a large awkward baby going through the routines. I was frustrated. Sometimes I didn’t even finish workouts cause I couldn’t touch my toes for some of the moves.

What really kept me going was you telling us (me) that it’s okay to modify during workouts. It’s okay that you feel like a toddler. Or feel sort of stupid. It’s okay not to feel like your best during these workouts. The best part is always the end, and your words of encouragement. The comforting words of “kiss yourself on the arm and tell yourself what a good thing you did for yourself today.”

Fast forward to today, where my hip and leg flexibility is incredible and I can feel it every day, even if I don’t be.come that day. I feel taller, leaner, stronger (and even have obliques and some ab definition in the mirror, wowee!) So thanks for being part of my healthy work/life balance.

Thanks for giving me the energy and strength I didn’t know I had and didn’t know I needed. I’ll stick with the project until the earth turns cold and grey or explodes into a firefly inferno 🔥

– Marie C.


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