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Unless you cancel your subscription, you will be charged a $35 monthly fee, automatically and approximately, on the same day of the month that the original purchase was made. You must cancel at least 24 hours before your subscription renews in order to not be charged for another month. Once your account has been billed, all sales are final. Refunds are not available regardless of whether or not you use your subscription. Love you, but babes got a business to run. If you have a question about your bill date, please e-mail [email protected].

You have two options. You can either login on the app (available for both iOS and Android) or through the website (the login button is in the top right corner). 

We always want you to do what’s right for your body, so we made stopping and starting your subscription as easy as possible. You can cancel/resume your subscription in just four clicks.

  • Go to 
  • In the top right, choose login
  • Login using your be.come credentials
  • Choose, cancel subscription (or resume subscription) located in the top bar.

You sure can. Anyone with a smart phone or tablet can use the app; anyone with a computer can use our web experience!

Many employers reimburse for health and wellness related costs for their employees. In the event that your employer extends this benefit, you can use the pdf receipt e-mailed every month for your be.come project subscription for when you submit for reimbursement and/or file an expense report. If you would like to purchase multiple months in advance, we suggest buying a giftcard from our store in your chosen monthly denomination (we currently offer 1, 3, 6 and 12 month giftcards!) You can use the receipt from Shopify in addition to a pdf copy of the giftcard for your expenses.


Where do we begin??? Top Ten List? Okie.
10) You’ll learn the moves better – repetition really does enhance sensation.
9) It builds worldwide community – you can all chat about how much you love to hate this week’s lunge series. (plus how cool is it that everyone is doing the same movements each week?)
8) Progress is visible from session to session and is not measured by arbitrary benchmarks (aka: ditch the scale, toss the measuring tape, we love you just as you are).
7) Spend your time actually doing the routine instead of searching for the “right” one. No guesswork, just open and go.
6) Each week the muscles will vary and the moves will change. No getting stuck in a rut when be.coming.
5) Helps you learn the moves faster and more efficiently.
4) When you ask “why is my hip flexor tight” we’ll be able to pinpoint what move might be causing it. Even better, we’ll make a tutorial video that teaches you how to fix it.
3) By the end of the week sessions morph into a moving meditation.
2) Much like at a boutique studio, your experience is designed from beginning to end.
1) With constant rolling content, you’ll never be bored.

When you find yourself feeling a little “off balance” or “clumsy” we encourage you to embrace the discomfort. Your body is learning something new and that takes time! Be gentle with yourself and remember, the be.come project routines are designed to be done repetitively, which means that with each session you’ll find it gets smoother and smoother. You don’t have to be perfect for anybody, you just have to be…be.come 🙂

Each week, look at your schedule and set a realistic goal of how many times you think you can manage the routine – you are able to set and edit goals within the app. Then listen to your body throughout the week to find your sweet spot. If you don’t want to participate in goal setting, just enter “0” when prompted!

While the 25-minute routines are designed to be short, sweet, and super effective, you are more than welcome to do the routine back-to-back for a more extended sweat. This is the technique Bethany uses in their in-person classes. And if you desire, you can tack the be.come project on to any other workout you currently do. Because our project is core strengthening and low-impact, it will enhance other workout disciplines.

A new routine is released every Monday at 12:00am EST and is active for 14 days. There’s always two routines available. We call them #thisweeksroutine and #lastweeksroutine. Get ‘em while they’re hot.


For the most part, YES! Starting a new program when you are pregnant is not recommended by doctors, but for those who have already been be.coming, our routines are safe for both you and baby. For more on be.coming while pregnant, click here.


Aren’t you the sweetest?! Yep! We have merch too. Just click here.


Body-positivity implies that we need to feel positive about our bodies all the time. Since that’s a pretty hard thing to do, we can end up feeling like we failed when we don’t feel happy-peppy-positive about our bodies every-single-freakin-day. We prefer the use of body-neutrality because that means some days we feel good about our bodies, some days we feel bad about our bodies, but all days we respect our bodies.

what are other words the be.come project uses? View our glossary here.

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