exploring body-neutrality ll what to expect at the retreat

Are you ready ?? Because the day we’ve all been waiting for is around the corner. Get excited to be part of the very first (hopefully of many) retreat from the be.come project!

When: November 15-17

Where: 1440 Multiversity Campus in the redwoods of Central California

Sign up link: https://1440.us/the-be-come-project/


All the details:

Truly a weekend you won’t want to miss. All ages, genders, sizes, levels, ethnicities, clients of the be.come project and those who have haven’t tried it yet are welcome to join the retreat as we work together to explore what it means to incorporate a body-neutral mindset into their everyday life.

Expect a cozy, intimate, judgement-free environment to connect, move and feel really freaking good. This weekend is not meant to “fix” something about you, nothing was ever broken to begin with! The weekend is about finding respect for yourself and learning to love yourself exactly where you already are. In other words, let’s grow together.

about the campus:
+ redwood forest trails
+ fitness center
+ locally sourced meals
+ extensive spa menu
+ a f*cking infinity pool

Fun things to look forward to during your weekend away:

+master two routines from the be.come project complete with breakdowns, tutorials, form corrections and JAMMING OUT. all sessions are led by Bethany 
+thoughtful intention setting
+guided journaling
+fireside chats 
+mirror work (it’s amazing we promise)
+conversations with wholistic nutritionist Whitney Hull-Benson 
+a free month of the be.come project 
+a little gift from us 🙂
+free time to relax and explore the beautiful campus
+new friends and the opportunity to connect with like minded people

The Retreat upholds the be.come project’s come-as-you-are philosophy. No matter where you stand in your wellness journey, whatever your experience level, you are welcomed without judgment and without shame in an environment as safe as doing the routine in your home.


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