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COVID-19 relief gift card

We have been working on ways to help get the be.come project in the hands of people who have been affected by COVID-19. We have contemplating / stressing over how to help people get be.come in their hands, while still holding onto the knowledge that our investor-free, small-business does not have the means to give it all away for free.  We also know that movement is vital when it comes to curbing anxiety (especially movement framed from a body-neutral POV) and pretty much everyone is stuck without their gym / studio. We are proud to say, we’ve come up with a solution.

IF YOU ARE IN BETWEEN: We are offering $5 off your first month. Sign up with the promo code: staysafe.

Click HERE to purchase one month of be.come for $30 (normal price is $35). Purchase as many months as you like. the be.come project will match every single COVID-19 relief purchase to double the impact, while spreading movement and compassion in a time when we need it most.
Please email [email protected], tell us about your situation and how a free month of the be.come project will be helpful. Applicants will be put on a waitlist and as gift cards come in, we will distribute on a first come, first serve basis. PLEASE only apply if you are in need. We know this goes without saying but we are trusting you to make the right choice to ensure this goes to the right people.
We are in this together and if something as simple as movement can help people keep their sanity, we want to be part of that. Love you all oh so much. 

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