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sarah shares

the be.come project has had quite an impact on my life, and I have been sharing the project with anyone whom I think will benefit! Initially, I took a video of me be.coming when I first started, but I decided against submitting it due to fear. Recently, I reignited my spiritual practices and felt called to dredge up the video and send it in. A little bit about me: I am a 35 year old NYC working mama, wife, and I just received my certification as a pre-natal and vinyasa flow yoga teacher. I am in recovery from a 20 year battle with Anorexia and Bulimia, and the be.come project is the first form of movement that I have found to truly connect me to my body, spirit, and inner power. I don’t feel the need to perfect the routine or body-check muscle progression like I have been a slave to in the past. I am a former dancer, and I absolutely love how I can lose myself in the routine and even add my own touch to some of the sequences! 

My recovery has been FULL of ups and downs, but the past year I have made the commitment to myself to actually brave the wilderness and reach full recovery. the be.come project has been a huge part of that. I love that I can hop on the app in the privacy of my own home, perhaps wearing my pajama pants from the night before, and just move. There is no talk of toning, sculpting, or pushing which is SO refreshing. My two year old daughter, Clara, even likes to participate! I will instill in my daughter that she has worth simply because she exists, and that she doesn’t need to manipulate anything about her to please other people. the be.come project reconnects me to that intention so that I am able to be that model for my daughter. We have a responsibility to empower future generations to reduce the stigma, the shame, and the feeling of being not enough that so many us carry. I am SO grateful for the be.come project and the impact that it has had on my life and the lives of so many others. xoxo, Sarah.

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kristin shares

Before the be.come project, I was fighting against myself everyday to get to the gym. I was feeling inadequate despite the fact that I was showing up for myself everyday and giving it my all. I battle anxiety. It’s a familiar demon always here to say hello when I wake up. Sometimes being surrounded by mirrors as I worked out in a gym felt daunting. I find myself gaining mental and emotional strength through this project. Yesterday I couldn’t get out of bed because existing was so difficult. Today, as I moved through the routine, I felt beautiful. I found myself feeling strong and impressed with my body’s capabilities. Each move spoke to me deeper than my muscles could ever go. As I finished and the final song came on, I felt a peace and satisfaction wash over me from the inside out. I am good enough, I am strong enough, I will grow stronger, I understand my body, I feel its movements, and I celebrate its growth. Now I am evolving my body in a way that is not just changing me, but is healing me. THANK YOU for this community, thank you for sharing yourself with all of us, and thank you for believing in us. All my love, xoxo, Kristin.

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