be.come just got bigger

Yep. It’s here. The much-anticipated, long-awaited, is-it-ready-yet project has finally blossomed. I am proud to announce that the web experience is officially up, running, and stunning. The “Web experience” means you can now access the routines through your internet browser instead of just the app on your phone. This means you can finally enjoy be.come on a BIGGER SCREEN (such as your computer or iPad). It also means you will have smoother playback quality and can even cast to your tv!

If you’ve been a client of the be.come project for long enough, you know that tech was a real pain in our a** throughout our launch (and then some). Keep in mind, the be.come project started as grassroots as could be. We funded our launch through a beta project, and took on zero investors in order to protect our messaging. This means that every client has been in on the ground floor with us. Helping us build our brand, providing feedback, sticking with us through the buffering videos and delayed music. And let’s be real, there were definitely some tough times. 

I never thought it would be this long before we had a web experience running. Truth be told we launched with only the app because we thought the web would be ready in less than two months (oh dear sweet Bethany, bless your heart.) Every time we tried to build something, we found something else that needed to be fixed. It took a toll on me, I spent the early months feeling like a failure…or maybe I felt I wasn’t ready to run my own business. I worried every day that all of my clients would jump ship and that we could never get things running properly. 

But you know what? That didn’t happen. We found the right people to help, we slowly but surely started fixing the cracks in the foundation, we found solutions to help our clients in the interim and made customer service a top priority. Simultaneously, our clients latched on. Even if things weren’t perfect, the message of body-neutrality was changing hearts and minds and that was enough to keep them coming back for more. 

We decided that we wouldn’t put this out there until it was really ready. And we feel like we are there. And we couldn’t have done it without you.

Here is what you need to know about the web experience.

To access the web experience head to (aka: the homepage). In the top right corner, click the dark brown login button. And enter your app credentials. *if you have any issues logging in, please email

web site home page

Now that you are logged in, you can do the following on this screen: 

    • edit your account info
    • pause your subscription 
    • email us (click the envelope) 
    • change your weekly goal (click the trophy) 
    • view tutorials
    • read “pour your heart out” stories
    • play your routine!
web experience

Now that you’ve decided to start your routine, be sure to take a moment for a pre-routine check in. You can now select up to three emotions. You’ll notice, we’ve switched up the words : )

emotion screen

Once you have started your routine, tap the music notes to alter the volume. We now have five distinctive volume levels to choose from. Slide all the way up and you will hear mostly music. Slide all the way down and you will hear only my voice. Each time you change the music volume, the screen will black out for 2-5 seconds to give you time to get back to your mat. 

When complete, don’t forget to click the checkmark to enter your post routine emotions! This is such an important step in recognizing how your movement affects your mindset. 

music and checkmark

After you submit your emotions, quickly rate this routine. We’ll use this to make sure your favorite routines come back around. 

rating screen

And now you’ve done it! Your session has been counted toward your goal! 

final photo

And that’s it! Seriously, tears of joy that we have accomplished this. Thank you so much for being there through it all. Oh! And all of these changes will be on the app soon, so you can expect a new look, better playback, and perfect music shortly. ENJOY!!

love you big – xx


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