a love letter ll from me to me


Dear Me,

I know today you might feel alone. You might feel lost or undeserving.

Maybe you woke up and asked yourself, “Am I enough?” or “Am I worthy of my own love?”

Maybe you can’t answer those questions…at least not yet. Maybe you’ve avoided asking yourself them in the first place, out of fear for the answers you would give. Maybe, secretly, you’ve wondered whether you deserve to have the life you covet. And maybe, just maybe, you’re still learning what love, specifically self-love, means to you.

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They say it takes 10,000 hours to master something and we believe them when it comes to playing an instrument, discovering a new language or picking up a sport. But when it comes to learning to love ourselves, we expect it to be inherent. The truth is, it’s a process. And like many skills and passions we will perfect in our lifetimes, it will take incredibly hard work and relentless practice. It will likely happen slowly, maybe when you’re not paying attention, but day by day you’ll come closer to finding your value. Seeing your faults but choosing to advocate for your strengths. Celebrating the things you do right and forgiving yourself for the times you fall short. Finding compassion for yourself when you couldn’t find it within you to treat yourself with kindness. The same kindness you so often show to your family and friends.

What would happen if you spoke to yourself with the same gentleness and sincerity as you do the people you care for?

Why is the love we give to others so different from the love we show ourselves? When someone you love is having a bad day, you’re the first person to jump up and assure them that they haven’t failed and they haven’t disappointed. What would happen if you spoke to yourself with the same gentleness and sincerity as you do the people you care for? In what ways could your life get better with a simple act of grace?

On this day about love, and every day moving forward, I challenge you to be honest about how you want to spend your days and who you want to spend them with. And I encourage you to make sure you’re always on your own list. 

You are enough. You are worthy of your own love. Let this letter serve as a reminder. And if you still need more time to get there… If you need the full 10,000 hours… Take it. Take what you need. I’ll be waiting on the other side.




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