on armpit hair


I’ve wanted to grow my armpit hair for about three years now. I never did because I was certain it would turn off my clients, and being a fitness professional, my pits are on display 24/7.

So when I went to the jungle and knew I would be taking a full month off of teaching, I thought it was the perfect time to go let it grow. And I loved it. It was nice not to deal with shaving, nice not to have the bumps that come along with it, nice to watch the hair go from hard black stubble to soft brown curls.

I always wondered why it’s so rare to find women with armpit hair and why the initial reaction is “ew”. It can’t be because we have an aversion to hair under arms. We see it everyday on men and don’t think twice. The more I thought about it, the more I realized this perception is completely based on societal beauty standards that we unknowingly swear to follow.

When I came back to teaching, I kept the hair. I had enjoyed it for so long I definitely didn’t want to shave it. But the first time I lifted my arms in class to do a move, I felt really self conscious. Like reallyyyyyy self conscious. My face went red with embarrassment. All I wanted to do was grab a razor and go back to the place I felt most comfortable.

But it in that same moment of shame, I felt a wave of defiance. I decided I wasn’t going to shave because of the pressures I felt by what is “pretty” or “acceptable” for women. I will only shave when I hit the moment that I’m ready to do it for ME.

I hope that in sharing this, you’ll rethink the way you interpret what is beautiful. Armpit hair may not be your thing but maybe something else is. I’ve found power in questioning my beauty routine…shifting the focus to what makes me feel best, and not what makes other people happy. In other words, do you. And do it anyway you want. #effyourbeautystandards


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